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This service that is available is a combination of both Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing.

When providing this service, we aim to build your company a social media presence that portrays you as industry leaders. Our goal is to always create and publish engaging content which receives engagement. We focus on building social presence by using paid traffic and running advertisements on these platforms for awareness or sales purposes.


Our Approach

The main aim of our business is to help businesses small, or large to grow their online presence on social media platforms and use the power of the advertising facilties on these sites to grow a company. 

What we are providing here is a combination of two services that focus solely on these objectives: Social Media Management & Social Media Marketing. Read more on these methods of growth and the building of awareness. 

The way our service works is by initially building Facebook and Instagram accounts for our client, then begin to publish content ie. images, news, offers, and general information relating to the business of the client. We work hard to publish high quality pieces of content on a frequent basis which allows the pages to receive likes and followers, which in turn, are people who subscribe to seeing content and have clearly taken a keen interest in the company. Then during this process of managing accounts and content, we then consult with you on what areas of your business you wish to promote and market, whether that be; bookings at a restaurant through the use of an offer, sales on a specific product or service or overall marketing of your brand and increasing the amount of exposure your business receives.

Our team will then develop strategies and develop the best ways on how we will use Facebook and Instagram ads to achieve these outcomes. 


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