Social media management


We offer a service, commonly known as Social Media Management.

When providing this service, we aim to build your company a social media presence that portrays you as industry leaders. Our goal is to always create and publish engaging content which receives masses of engagement which generates and perpetuates social proof around your company.


Our Approach

At Social Blueprints we pride ourselves on understanding how social media channels are able drive business outcomes. Obtaining a professional, engaging presence online is a core aspect of growing as a brand, therefore it is what our core focus through the Social Media Management service is on.

Currently as this article was written, there are just under 2bn monthly active users on Facebook and Instagram. This data allows us to analyse the potential that each industry has of growing and building social proof online; this potential is astronomical.

The way our service works is by initially building Facebook and Instagram accounts for our client, then begin to publish content ie. images, news, offers, and general information relating to the business of the client. We work hard to publish high quality pieces of content on a frequent basis which allows the pages to receive likes and followers, which in turn, are people who subscribe to seeing content and have clearly taken a keen interest in the company. 

You may ask, why is this necessary?

Well, it is common knowledge that the majority of people spend their time on social media today. The idea of TV advertising is out dated and the range of attention that you receive for the cost is grossly inflated. However, with Facebook and Instagram, you can reach a much greater audience for a fraction of the cost; and everybody’s target demographic is in there, this can be sped up at a much greater rate through the use of paid reach which falls under our Social Media Marketing Service.

Many companies do not see the importance of building strong social media profiles and are being left behind. You can create the best pieces of social proof available, so that when your audience do find you, you look more established than the majority of your competitors and consequently are able to reach your desired business outcome with much more ease.  

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