The Money Group

A centralised internal hub, aimed at allowing users to connect and access resources.

Our job

Website design/ development + protected dynamic content.


The brief

The Money group is one of the UK’s leading mortgage networks.

They approached us and asked if we could put together an internal hub that their members could access in order to stay up to date on the latest news and events, browse an index of resources and documents, contact other people within the hub and more. The ‘hub’ needed restricted access, so only people with provided logins, or with registered and approved accounts could access it.

Their operations team also required higher permissions enabling them to manage certain content on the site.

We developed templates that output dynamic content. This ensures that their ops team could upload new documents and content without worrying about the design or breaking any functionality.

The hub is an internal resource centre for people within the network, meaning the content within could be sensitive, or unsuitable for external visitors to view. This is why we created the platform as members only. Here you can see the custom login page which users are met with when they visit the intranet, allowing them to login or sign up and wait for approval.

The main user dashboard. The hub contains masses of content and is constantly expanding – which is why it was vital to create an incredibly simple UX and an easy to navigate user interface. From the dashboard you can access anything you need and the quick links section is constantly updates to showcase the most used areas of the hub; for user convenience.

A major reason the client wanted an intranet was to enable members to find the contact information of others’ in the network. We created the directory with a simple to use interface allowing the users to view their colleagues in alphabetical order. On the backend, we developed a template, so the client only needs to input a minimal amount of data to add new contact information.

A major pain-point the our client wanted to solve was the lack efficiency that is found when members need assistance. In big networks and businesses, you can often find yourself waiting on the phone for long periods of time, trying to have simple queries or questions answered. By implementing the Helpdesk, members can submit their request and the operations team with contact them with the answer; allowing the members to focus on more important matters.